Jomaray Pulp Packaging Industries

We convert your trash into cash.
Let's Recycle!




 Our Vision

A company leading the packaging industry, producing top quality and earth friendly products at reasonable cost, equipped  with state of the art technology and highly qualified and service-oriented people existing in an earth friendly society.



Our Mission




JPPI exists to Save Mother Earth by:



• Reducing waste output of paper and carton


• Reducing output of non-biodegradable waste by offering an

  earth friendly   alternative made from 100% recyclable material 


• Encouraging local participation in recycling by giving cash for



• Promoting local awareness and global consciousness in caring
   for Nature through recycling
Our Story

           Jomaray Pulp Packaging Industries (JPPI) started in 1996 with a lone machine imported from Iceland producing egg trays only.  Back then, JPPI was known as Jomaray Enterprises.


           With the expansion in 1998,  JPPI began operations at its new factory and office building site at Lanang.  A new pulp moulding machine was imported from Emery, Canada which opened the way for the launching of new products.


           Production of java trays were  made along with egg trays.  A batch dryer was also installed to facilitate better quality and faster output.

        Years after, JPPI acquired various machines essential to the improvement of its product line and  quality.   Ventures in industries other than poultry products materialized. Products such as fruit trays, television and electronics packaging and others were made and marketed.


        In 2003, JPPI ventured into producing its own molding machines to support its growing industry.  More machineries were added to its production line.


         Eight years after it first started its operations,  JPPI opened an extension plant at Dumoy, Toril with newly fabricated machineries and steam boiler conveyor dryer installed. 


            Today,  JPPI continues to serve different industries and businesses in the quest for improvement of their respective products and in saving Mother Earth by offering earth-friendly and quality packaging alternative.